Quest for Heroes P'n'P

Melar´s Maze (Baldur´s Adventure)

Melar´s Labyrint

"Long ago, a powerful sorcerer by the name of Melar created a talisman which would enhance the wearer´s understanding of magic. He kept the Talisman with him at all times, fearing it might be stolen and used by the allies of Morcar. It is said that he left the talisman in his laboratory at the heart of his Maze. Melar´s Maze is guarded by many traps and magical guardians. It is also rumoured to haunted by those who have sought the Talisman and perished in the attempt…"

Baldur the Barbarian and Golgam the Dwarf entered the Maze and found the center only to discover that the talisman already was found by someone else.


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