A Barbarian for hire


The Barbarian

Stats (inkl. Items bonus)
Attack: 3
Defend: 3
Body: 8
Mind: 2
Shield: +1 extra WarDice in Defence
Potion of Defense: +2 extra WarDice in the next Defence


Completed Quest
The Trial
The Rescue of Sir Ragnar
Guardian of Darkness Treasury room
Prince Magnus’ Gold
The Rescure of Sir Henrich (Baldur´s Adventure)
Prince Magnus’ Gold transport again
Lair of the Orc Warlord (Baldur´s Adventure)
Melar´s Maze (Baldur´s Adventure)

Nickname: Doctor Baldur (Call by the Cliff)

Loves a good fight and when he gets bored, he play a game of dice.


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