Quest for Heroes P'n'P

The Rescure of Sir Henrich (Baldur´s Adventure)

Sir Henrich´s redning

"Sir Henrich, one of the Emperor's most powerful knights, has been captured. There is reason to believe that he is being held prisoner by Ulf, the Orc Warlord. You are to find Sir Henrich and bring him back to the stairway. Prince Magnus will pay 200 gold coins to be divided among the Heroes, if they rescue Sir Henrich. No reward will be paid if Sir Henrich is killed during the escape." — Mentor

The merry band of Heroes was join by Golgam the Dwarf, so Larzus, Baldur and Golgam went to the stronghold to save Sir Henrich. All went well, expect that Larzus was killed in battle 


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